Single Family Residence - Teaneck, NJ
Complete gut renovation with addition


This single-family home was completed gutted and renovated. Originally a typical late century split-level home, we improved on its layout with the addition of a nicely sunlit two-story entrance foyer and opened up the kitchen toward the living room without entirely compromising the kitchen's visual, acoustic and olfactive isolation from the other living areas to maintain comfort. The 2-story rear addition provides the property with additional floor area all the while maintaining a consistent integrated look and feel. Finally, the new 2nd story dormer provides additional layering and visual structure to the front facade, extending the roof line above the garage toward the right side of the house, adding to the fullness of its aesthetics. 


Principal Designers:

Frank Sorisi & Eric Bourgie

Polar Green Architecture & Engineering LLP

Architect of Record:

Joseph Javier, RA


Full cycle professional architectural services and construction administration